What is GD?

GroupsDirectory is a module for Python to create and manage advanced membership structures. When created it can be queried for authorization of objects. It doesn't rely on databases. Instead, it is an active network of instances. When ready, it is saved as a pickle. Either into a field in a database or to a file.
GD was developed for web-applications not only to authorize users and groups membership. But also maintain virtual filesystems.

What is GD not?

GD is not a complete user authorization tool. It is not safe to store passwords and other sensible data. Neither does GD provide that functionality.

Scope of usage

GD can be used anywhere where there is a need of a membership structures. However, it only provides the structure. It doesn't provide any security in it self. It can be safely used in a web-application where users can't interact with the module directly. But locally it can be imported into Python by anyone and manipulated. If there isn't any security aspects there shouldn't be a problem to use GD.



  • GD pydoc documentation.

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